Volleyball Rules and Regulations

Beach volleyball has a different set of rules than indoor volleyball. So before you jump on the sand to play, you need to be aware of these critical rule differences.

1. If you throw the ball up to serve and end up not hitting it, you lose that point.

2. In beach volleyball you get to switch sides multiple times during each game. You have to realize that each side isn’t created equally when you’re outside. The side switches happen every 7 points when going to 21.

3. You cannot set the serve in beach volleyball. A serve is never allowed to be doubled in any way.
4. If someone hits the ball at you and it’s coming so fast that you can’t react to pass it with your arms, then you can double it with your hands.

5. No side sides set over the net are allowed in beach volleyball. You must set the ball directly in front or behind you if you plan on setting the ball over the net.

6. The block counts as a hit in beach volleyball. So if you touch the ball on the block you have 2 more hits to get it back over the net.

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