The Blood’s in Your Quart

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Is Bloody Well Time … 2nd Annual Blood Bank Challenge.
January 9, 2013
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May 6, 2015
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The Blood’s in Your Quart

Rotaract Blood Donation

Your eyes are closed; illuminating your eyelids are the red and white lights of an ambulance – It helps keep you conscious. Pain forks down your left side as you endure a migraine more painful than anything you’ve ever experienced. You feel the cold metal of a stretcher on your forearms, but can’t move them.  You can barely hold a squint long enough to see the florescent lights of a hallway rushing by. Silhouettes of doctors hover over you; one of them puts a mask over your face. Panic strikes at first! But then – Relief! Breathing’s easier now. Darkness begins to close in around you. Someone calls out your name, “Stay with me!”

As your consciousness makes its final stand, you remember… *blinding headlights, glass shattering*…

You’ve been in a car accident.


Darkness.   It takes all your effort to pry your own eyelids open again, as though they’ve been closed for weeks. You look to your right; sitting by the window is your family. You look left; attached to your arm is a bag filled with blood. It’s labeled “Donor:  O-“.

You’re alive.


This is the reality one Canadian faces, on average, every minute of every day across Canada. In fact, according to a recent poll, 52 per cent of Canadians either say they, or a family member, have needed blood or blood products for surgery or for medical treatment.

The good news is that one blood donation – in just one hour – can save a life.

  • In Barrie donate at the Barrie blood donor clinic located at 231 Bayview Drive.
    Open Tues (4 – 8 pm); Thurs (11 – 7 pm); Fri and Sat (8 – 12 pm).
  • For clinics located elsewhere, please visit our website or call 1 888 236-6283.
  • Donors need to be between 17 and 61 to donate for their first time. All donors need to meet eligibility requirements which include:
    • Feeling well the day you are donating blood (no cold, no flu or sore throat)
    • Waiting 24 hours since your last dental visit (longer if surgery was performed)
    • Waiting 6 months since your last tattoo or body piercing
    • If you have travelled outside of North America in the last 12 months, please call our 1 888 236-6283 to ensure you are eligible to donate
    • For all other travel and medical eligibility, please call 1 888 236-6283.
  • Donors need to bring ID with them to be able to donate and should be well hydrated (extra water/juice before donating). Also, having had something to eat prior to donating is recommended. We will feed you after! (That’s where the cookies and juice come in!)
  • Barrie Rotaract is a Partner for Life with Canadian Blood Services. Across Canada, Partners for Life member donations account for 24% of total blood collected to help patients in need!

What if it was you?

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